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Social Issues piece

I fixed up and finalised a piece on Social Issues we had to do. Our task was to take a social issue and represent it using imagery and an appropriate song. I choose to do something about Depression and Anxiety, as someone whose spent a lot of time counselling others, it’s an issue that I feel can still be overlooked, and so many just don’t find the courage to seek help when they need it. So this piece is a little reflection on that, and on the matter that we need to stand together and help each others out if we are to find happiness in life.


This weeks non schedualed update!

So thus far today, work going on is doing another Graphics Package, this one for the same Tv Students, but not the same Client. It’s a Healthy living show about good exorcise and eating habits. My teacher sat down and helped discuss what kinda motivation should be taken on it,and I do certainly feel like putting in whatever ace I can.

Now game related, for those of you following, with the addition of testers, progress has been great. I’m now hoping to have a decent-for-update version to issue for them after each week or two depending on time frames. If things go well, there’ll be a version ready to issue for the Public to try out within a few months. Hopefully by then, the Demo wont require that people download the Run Time Packadge for RPG Maker XP to be able to play it.
Sounds good to me 😀 Hopefully can stick to the schedule, but no actual date will be set till much later.

Filming is now no more than 2 weeks away. I’d hoped to do it this week, but I think there might be in need of a little more refinement. So I’m hoping to get all the filming done in one day, which means I can get onto working out how to set up the 3d environments! I’m excited!

That’s about all the news of what’s going on here.
Till next time!


Dear Adobe Flash

…You make my brain scrambled.

That is all.

but this’d be kinda a spammy post if I didn’t at anything else.
So I’ll remind readers that there is now 9 days until I release the close BETA for Tales of Thyilos. If you wanna join in on the demo, drop me an e-mail. The details to it are located in a previous post here, and on LucidFlame.

Also, I’m thinking that since that lost Samurai2020 chapter is still missing, I’ll make a start at putting up another novel, which being it was started more recently, might be of a better quality. Hard to say. I’ll begging uploading it Friday, as always, but I’ll put up an entire chapter instead of part of it.

(ps: I miss the days of Macromedia flash… that program understood me. RIP friend).


Rigging a 3d Model

I found a fresh mesh, and a well detailed one at that, of a dragon, I’ve made it a side project to properly texture it and rig it up for animation. So far I’m liking how it’s going, but I’ve had some unfortunate outcomes with my mesh’s breaking in my first few attempts with animating with bones… but I have a good feeling about this one.


new DA uploads

I found my old sketch books from 2007-2008, and I’ve cleaned up and uploaded some of it. There’s a little more to upload still, but it’s tedious trying to clean them up properly and putting them in a presentable manner. Especially when the lines on some things are very light, or have worn off a bit.
New Stuff

I also organised my DA Gallery, so things aren’t just scattered randomly in featured.


Dont Ya Hate It?

Don’t you hate it when you sit down, tell yourself, “I am going to get this done, today!” Then suddenly your entire day’s gone, you stay up till 4, decide to take a short sleep, and wake up at 12 feeling like you’ve been hit with a sack of potatoes and then drugged?

Anyway, point is things have been busy. Which is why my little posts have not been as frequent as before, and that comic I said I was thinking of doing hasn’t even seen a start. But that’s alright. There’s still time left in the world (right?).

So what have I been doing to have no provided updates on project progression, or even new video’s? Well I’ve been doing just that. Working on those projects till coffee doesn’t have the same effect anymore. So to run things down, here’s a short list of what I’ve been doing, and how far off it is from being done.

I’m still looking to getting permission to upload parts of the graphics packages I did a month or so ago. Just need the details first. If I can upload it, I shall.

Tales Of Thyilos is… kinda at a stand still due to being busy with TAFE. However, a friend of ours might be joining in, which means another talented artist in the group. Also, our character artist informed me yesterday that he will have some sketches soon. (and I am stoked to see what he made from my vision).

There’s another game also, which recently has had a lot of attention. You may remember a post a week ago about “LucidFlame“. Though I am within right to make any statement, there has been lots of “behind the scenes” work, and it’s not related to ToT or KoT.

I’ve managed to crunch down on a flash promo’ ad. Though I can’t upload flash on here (with a pricey upgrade), I intend on uploading a render. That said, if the flash runs well, I’ll upload it on Newgrounds, or something.

Lastly, and this is one of the things that’s made me most pleased tonight; I got up. Grabbed my brush. Finished that painting I started little over a month ago. I’ve been staring at it and hoping my pirate hat will somehow influence inspiration, but I don’t know what I could actually add to it. So I think I’ll leave it and be happy with what I’ve done.
And then move immediately onto a new painting, which I might start tonight.
I will upload a photo of the painting I’ve finished tomorrow on my DeviantArt.

That’s all for me tonight, folks. More updates and stuff on a later day.

PS: … does word press seem to be loading a little sllloooowwwly lately? Or is it just me?

Am I missing something?

This week seems like I’ve done nothing but wake up, head to TAFE, work in front of a computer all day with barely any break, then head home, take care of chores and return right to sitting in front my laptop to work. Sleep, rinse, repeat.

It could be madness setting in from getting 3-4 hours of sleep each night and then being coffee deprive… But I really do love my line of work.

oh, and I also forgot about Friday’s novel post.
Sorry about that. >_<

Now, back to work I go!



Say wha?

Don’t worry, I’m about to explain.

Me and some friends got the crazy idea that we should make our own development team for when working on RPG Maker projects, but we figured we’d need a name, and also, may as well make a site of some sort so we can post about projects we’re al working on, and specific projects we as a team are working on. And we eventually blended a bunch of random words together and made Lucidflame. (and yes, we also found a meaning behind the words that makes sense so it’s not all entirely that random of a title after all).

Awesome or not? You may wonder.
Well on the upside, the games we post about in there are games we are working on that will be published to the net. And some are FREE.
Don’t like RPG’s? That’s okay, we understand. But if you have a friend who likes’em, please recommend the site. The more followers we can get on there, the more motivated we all become to work on our projects. Which means better quality games to be eventually played.

Games me and Studio Collaborative members are working on will continue to also be posted and updated on here as well as on Lucidflame.

Seeya later ^_^


So 9 days later

Simply put, it’s been 9 days since I got around to making an update here, so I thought I better throw in something, once more, to prove I do not intend on forgetting about the site!

I’m uploading a video tonight. It’s really just a simple little project, but I figured it was upload worthy and it’s about time I added to my online portfolio. Also, it doesn’t seem I’ll get any audio from the TV Students, so I’ll hopefully get some time to upload a preview of the Graphics packages I did a around a month ago.

As for that rather stupid to be comic, I am still planning on doing it, but have yet to get around to it. TAFE has been unfortunately busy, which means less time to do other stuff. But I wont let that stop me from trying.

As a final note: There is now just over a month till the scheduled BETA demo. We’ve decided to do a closed BETA, however, so if you want to try it out and help provide valuable feedback, you know where to e-mail me. If you don’t my contact stuff is on the About page.

So long for now, readers, and have a great weekend.


A little extra somthing

I’m thinking of adding a little extra to the site, so that there will be an interesting distribution of items available to view on the site.
I mean, so far I post up a chapter or section from my novels each week, the site host’s links to video’s and art-work I do myself, or as collaboration. There’s tutorials now on the YouTube Side of the site. Links to games, and eventually a full RPG. Artwork, and a page which links to people or things that I’ve found inspiring or useful. But I feel I can do more.

I’ve decided that during those random moments when something stupid or amusing comes to mind, I should note it, then make it into a quick comic strip. It’ll give me a chance to express what comes to mind, or I overhear or read, as well as work more on my illustration skills; hopefully both on paper, and on Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ll probably call the series “Another Bad Joke”… mostly because I don’t spend my time making jokes, and I have a feeling the first strips I do will involve bad puns. Or a wrinkled old man, with a massive beard and only one shoe… will have to wait and see.

For now, I have some rendering to do…

Till next time!