Most recent work I’ve done and uploaded. More can be viewed on my Deviant art.

~sorry about the two massive images here. Don’t know how to shrink them >_<

Tales of Thyilos – Ancient Map of Verdok
~Placeholder for a map in ToT. Very rough, but I kinda rushed it in order for something to be there when I put up another pre-release. The official map is going to be Handpainted! Should be tedious and fun.
Map of Verdok

Legion of Adequate Gamers – Logo Banner
Me and a few friends made a little group gaming clan, and I got the fun of designing a logo for us. This is the result! It’s made to look a little like an Roman style Legionnaire shield with our logo header on it. The text up top is latin and loosely translates to “We have faith in our delay”, parody to us saying “we have faith in our fellow lag [members]”, which is paraody again to calling ourselves “Legion of Adequate Gamers” or, “LAG”. Oh yes, lots of puns have been uttered.

Stave of Fiore
~I wanted to get some practice with my wacom tablet more, so I started making some little weapon designs for an RP Charcter I’d designed, then seeing that, some friends asked me to do theirs. It’s been good fun and practice, and I’m still doing one at the moment. This is one of three four thus far (not including the Version 1 of this). The rest can be found on my DA. 🙂
Stave of Fiore v-2

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