Here’s a list of tutorials. All video’s are hosted via Youtube.
Have a tutorial request? Our collaborators can do After Effects, 3d Lightwave and we may even do some Illustrator or Photoshop.
NOTICE: Please be aware our recording software is still unavailable, so no videos. But we can still do written.

3d Lightwave

  1. Make a Table – Combine Extender Plus with the movement, rotation, and sizing tools to make a aesthetically pleasing table to use.
  2. Quick Bottle – Import an EPS file into Lightwave, then use your Lathe tool to turn an outline into a complete shape. Then jaz it up. (Includes Downloadable Assets)
  3. UV Mapping – Learn two methods on how to apply UV mapping to models. (Includes Downloadable Assets)
  4. Hypervoxels – Learn how to make use of Hypervoxels to create smoke and fireworks with ease. (Includes Downloadable Assets

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