About Studio Wisp

What is Studio Wisp?
Firstly, I’d like to tell why it’s called Studio Wisp.
A Wisp is a spirit, an entity that is recognised for its ability to take natural life and nurture it into something great; such as a forest spirit would take the fresh seed from a pod and guide it on its way to growing into its own great tree, helping give it form and colour as it stretches up further and further in a life long goal to touch the sky.
And I feel this concept is true to design, for we as Designers have a responsibility to take an idea however small it may be, and then to develop and construct it into something new and wonderful.

Studio Wisp is primary a group for collaboration though as of yet the only permanent member is Shea Meadth.
But there is an ultimate goal of expanding the network to get more people interested in making or finding projects and collaborating on them, whether it be for profit, or just for fun.

About Me, Shea Meadth.

I’m studying an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media: Motion Graphics, with my main interest focusing in on After Effects and 3d (Lightwave), and I’m trying to delve further into Illustrator and Photoshop as well.

I’ve employed Studio Wisp as a business title since around 2002, putting it up on random pieces of work I’d do in class. It’s my little studio name. (and by studio, I mean my laptop and whatever programs I can get a hold of for it).

I’m now getting myself out into the freelancing side of things to earn money on the side to further my education in the field, or to accommodate for something else one may need in life.

I’m happy to work directly with anyone, and if possible, even to negotiate in person meetings, which I feel enhance the ability to communicate with clients and work out ideas and concepts.

Alternatively, I’d like to expand Studio Wisp in the near future if things prove successful.

Please feel free to browse my recent (and best) works in the photo gallery. Or, check up on my Deviant and Youtube accounts for any other pieces of work I’ve done that aren’t related to my freelancing jobs.


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