UNTITLED is apply named because I have no title for it. This Novel is very raw. So Raw that I haven’t given the location a name. The characters have names, and there’s the narrative.

UNTITLED follows a man who’s left his past behind years ago to seek out a new existence. But there is something deep within him that is unlike anything else. This man, Shaun, is part demon. He fights to eradicate the evil horrors that plague the shadows at night, to protect all those he can from the same fates that befell his past. But whilst he fights to save others, he runs still. Will this emotional detachment be his end, or shall a light be lit upon his dark, resentful world?

This novel is a work in progress. I haven’t finished writing it, and it gets a little odd at points. I also plan to completely switch the perspective at some point it, for narrative purposes. Hopefully it works out.

-section 1 : Slayer-
Chapters 0 to 4
Chapters 5 to 9
Chapters 10 to 13
Chapters 14 to 17

-section 2 : Prologue of a Demon-
Chapter 18 – Raw Recruit
Chapter 19 – Celebration
Chapter 20 – Trial
Chapter 21 – Disruptions
Chapter 22 – War and Power
Chapter 23 – Instability

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