Page of Wisdom

There is a HUGE amount of inspiration out there. Actually, the amount out there is unfathomable, but it does in the end come down to what you aspire to and what appeals to you.
I personally like to take inspiration from anywhere in any form, so this page contains a slight miss-match of material, but where I can be bothered I might add comment for why a certain thing appeals to me, and hopefully it’ll appeal to and inspire you as well.


Ronald Dahl
Raymond E Feist

Film Makers
Satoshi Kon
~His works are a splendid mixture, drawing in some very raw elements that make a film excellent. Though some of his works may put an unsettling chill down your spine, there’s no disputing that he is a genius of his time.

Inspirational Artist and Designers

Petar Meseldzija
~To put it simple. Petar is a marvellous painter.

Romantically Apocalyptic
~This comic is great. They combine Photography and Digital Matte painting in all their work. They also use some 3d modelling, especially with the Video’s they’ve done.

Iain McCaig
~You might recognise his work in Star Wars.

Christopher Doyel

~When I met him at AGIdeas 2011, he had a rather good piece of advise. “Be afraid”, by which he meant it’s good to be anxious and apprehensive about the design field, because it’s a strong drive that helps us get into the moment. (or so that’s what I got from it)

Monster Cookies
~Does some really awesome work with clay. Its the attention to detail and the shapes that I love about it.

Monty Oum
~He’s an amazing 3d artist and animator, and for people looking to jump into he field, there’s much to learn by observing his work. Some of you know him for his work on Red Vs Blue. Others for his Dead Fantasy series.

~He takes insect photography to a whole new level. You’ll have to check it out with your own eyes to see just what level that is.

Great Sites

Video Copilot
~Andrew Kramer’s been doing a lot of Video Effects for many years, and he’s After Effects tutorials are great.

~This will let you choose your mood, a time range, and a from a bunch of genre’s to create a playlist to suit your mood. Music’s a great motivator and inspirational tool, and so far this page has done be well. It’s like radio, minus every thing else. Just music.

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