Samurai 2020

Based in the future of 2020, Lia O’Donnell, an undercover agent for the Falcon Shadow Agency (FSA) must work through the dangerous of being a secret agent, and keeping her personal life intact.
But there’s plots that run deeper than anyone could have expected. Can Lia discover the secrets to what’s really going on before it’s too late? Or is everything we know going to be brought to stop?

Section 1: Undercover

Section 2 : Operation Lifeline

Section3: The Brightcast Project

Section4: Raging Machine

Section 5: A blade in the moonlight

Section 6: Fall of the Falcon Shadow Agency

Section 8: The Clashing of Blades

Section 9 is currently a missing chapter. What exactly occurred to it is unknown. When I wrote this, I was still using the old computer, which over numerous occasions would have issues, sometimes requiring restores, and loss of data.
It’s possible somewhere along the track, the last chapter was lost. But it’s possible, just possible, that a friend I gave the Novel to read over, might still have that document. Though I do recall the specifics of what did happen, I’d be trying to replicate something in which I’d already found the right inspiration and motivation for when writing. Capturing the same thing is neigh impossible. Hopefully, the lost chapter will be located, lest we settle for a slightly less epic ending.

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