The latest uploaded video

~My showreel! It displays about 14 of my better projects I complete this year. I tried to go a little different from the general showreel design though, so mine is more so like an actual VFX piece, with the showreel display a part of the showreel itself. Hope you enjoy. ^_^

The latest uploaded picture
Tales of Thyilos: Hero’s of the Four Kingdoms – Ancient Map of Verdok
~This is a placeholder for a map in ToT. I kinda rushed it in the end in order to get another Pre-Release out, but I assure you, the REAL permanent copy is going to be a lot better. Mostly because I’ll be spending painstaking hours etching and painting the map, not doing it digitally. Should be fun. 😀

The latest Novel extract
~Currently I’m still uploaded pieces from UNTITLED.
Hopefully, I’ll get around to re-reading and drafting out Samurai 2020 so I can re-write the last chapter that mysteriously went missing.
Constructive feedback very welcome.

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