Videos and Animation

Here are a few of my works. To see the rest you can visit my Youtube page.

Social Issues – Depression and Anxiety (Hurt – Johnny Cash – Intrumental)
Another TAFE assignment. Our task was to choose a social issue in the world today, and make a short piece with photo’s and a fitting song. I chose to do my piece on something I was familiar with (not entirely just on my own personal level, but through time spent counselling others going through the same troubles). So it’s an issue that’s important to me. I hope its message can be of help for you and others too.

Most Recent Uploads
After playing around and learning how to use CC Hair to replicate grass, I decided to take the short tutorial to a different level. So after a day of constantly finding problems, things that didn’t seem to fit, and deciding to add something else, it’s done and uploaded. Considering how long this took to upload, opposed to the mass render time… If I did have more time, I could’ve stretch this on a for another 5-10 seconds.

Here’s the project I did for World 9-4. They do podcasts about video games, both the retro and new. New podcast each week, so if gaming is your zone, you should check’em out 100% free or the investment you never had to make back.
World 9-4 Opening Animation

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