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Rigging a 3d Model

I found a fresh mesh, and a well detailed one at that, of a dragon, I’ve made it a side project to properly texture it and rig it up for animation. So far I’m liking how it’s going, but I’ve had some unfortunate outcomes with my mesh’s breaking in my first few attempts with animating with bones… but I have a good feeling about this one.



In short, I’ll be uploading the first of the 3d Lightwave tutorials tonight, starting with making a table and how to use some handy tools to make it realistic in form. There’s been a lot of distractions and some internet issues, so it was supposed to be up and ready Friday, and the next one was supposed to be ready and up some time this week, which hopefully if things go well it will be. Possibly up on Thursday night?
So if you want to learn some 3d, pop along to the Studio Wisp youtube page to follow them as they come up.

On a side note: There are a lot of people who think Lightwave isn’t that great and prefer Maya or 3ds MAX, and I’m not going to dispute. But when it comes to understanding the mechanics of 3d modelling and what different techniques do, it doesn’t matter what program you learn on; if you’re into it, you can learn on one, and when you move over to something else, it’s just a matter of understanding where the controls for that program are.

Finally (and I may have noted this before), the BETA Demo for Tales of Thyilos: Hero’s of the Four Kingdoms, has been scheduled for release in the next 4 weeks. So far we have a team of three; myself as lead director, mapper, writer (and still at the time scripter), Maja as the tileset/pixel art and panorama designer, and Winson as our Character artist.
I’ll make a note in here a day before the demo is released so you can join in on giving it a test. I ask that since it is a BETA that if you do try it, that you PLEASE comment on any glitches, errors, or even some ideas. I may even hold a contest where the best idea will get themselves made in sprite form, then added as a random NPC in the game.

More updates soon, and don’t forget to tune in to the Studio Wisp channel for the Tut’s ^_^



The project me and a classmate are working on is going along to plan, and the teacher we’re directing the work with doesn’t mind us doing whatever we want with them after. So in 4 weeks (and that’s 4 weeks because that happens to be our deadline), I’ll be linking in some Tutorials here for Lightwave. So if you’re thinking of using Lightwave, then you can tune in, and hopefully learn a new trick or two.


Late novels, and more updates

Again, I must apologise for late novels. This time I’d forgotten to even set up the next page to be published at the due time. But this is due to a fast paced last 2 weeks before the break, and during this last week I’ve pumped through a lot of work, and managed to learn some new 3d animation tricks which once rendered and finished will be uploaded along with all other finished work some time around the end of next week.

I’m also going to attempt to complete a competition by Corridor Digital. Though I’m more giving it a go to challenge myself to get creative the the materials given to be used, and it’ll also be interesting to see if I can go along with my plans before the due entry date of April 21st.

More updates to come later next week.