Late novels, and more updates

Again, I must apologise for late novels. This time I’d forgotten to even set up the next page to be published at the due time. But this is due to a fast paced last 2 weeks before the break, and during this last week I’ve pumped through a lot of work, and managed to learn some new 3d animation tricks which once rendered and finished will be uploaded along with all other finished work some time around the end of next week.

I’m also going to attempt to complete a competition by Corridor Digital. Though I’m more giving it a go to challenge myself to get creative the the materials given to be used, and it’ll also be interesting to see if I can go along with my plans before the due entry date of April 21st.

More updates to come later next week.


About Seamus

I'm a gamer nerd of sorts, who loves to work in design and recently finished my Adv Diploma in Screen and Media, Motion Graphics. I'm hoping that in the future, I can do freelance work with video editing, visual effects and 3d, and perhaps one day even take my studio name (Studio Wisp), and make it an actual studio. View all posts by Seamus

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