Social Issues piece

I fixed up and finalised a piece on Social Issues we had to do. Our task was to take a social issue and represent it using imagery and an appropriate song. I choose to do something about Depression and Anxiety, as someone whose spent a lot of time counselling others, it’s an issue that I feel can still be overlooked, and so many just don’t find the courage to seek help when they need it. So this piece is a little reflection on that, and on the matter that we need to stand together and help each others out if we are to find happiness in life.


About Seamus

I'm a gamer nerd of sorts, who loves to work in design and recently finished my Adv Diploma in Screen and Media, Motion Graphics. I'm hoping that in the future, I can do freelance work with video editing, visual effects and 3d, and perhaps one day even take my studio name (Studio Wisp), and make it an actual studio. View all posts by Seamus

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