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My laptop has been rendered completely useless in the previous weekend, when the power adaptor, after a more than two years of enduring much strain, has broken. So, without power to my laptop, I can’t continue my work. This unfortunately, includes the Beta Version of Thyilosian Lore, which I’d hoped to release this week. But, in the end, this technological fault is not a complete hindrance.

I can still do other creative work, such as paint and draw, and there’s a competition on Perfect World International for doing a themed valentines artwork for one of their games, and I have a good idea that I just need to put to action. Even if I don’t win, it’ll be good practice, as far as I see it.

I have been working on the painting for Tales of Thyilos. The maps more or less done and just needs some touch ups, and then a method to represent towns and such. Probably a high contrast colour. I uploaded a WIP version of it, and you can view it here.

With luck, the new power adaptor will arrive within the coming week, and everything will be back to norm.

Till next the next time (which will be when my new adaptor comes in), stay safe and well everyone!


ps: the previous Tales of Thyilos proved to have a critical error. If you downloaded it, or intend on getting it, please, take this version that has been amended, and included the RTP needed to run it, and the Alpha version of the Thyilosian Lore.

Dear Adobe Flash

…You make my brain scrambled.

That is all.

but this’d be kinda a spammy post if I didn’t at anything else.
So I’ll remind readers that there is now 9 days until I release the close BETA for Tales of Thyilos. If you wanna join in on the demo, drop me an e-mail. The details to it are located in a previous post here, and on LucidFlame.

Also, I’m thinking that since that lost Samurai2020 chapter is still missing, I’ll make a start at putting up another novel, which being it was started more recently, might be of a better quality. Hard to say. I’ll begging uploading it Friday, as always, but I’ll put up an entire chapter instead of part of it.

(ps: I miss the days of Macromedia flash… that program understood me. RIP friend).