Am I missing something?

This week seems like I’ve done nothing but wake up, head to TAFE, work in front of a computer all day with barely any break, then head home, take care of chores and return right to sitting in front my laptop to work. Sleep, rinse, repeat.

It could be madness setting in from getting 3-4 hours of sleep each night and then being coffee deprive… But I really do love my line of work.

oh, and I also forgot about Friday’s novel post.
Sorry about that. >_<

Now, back to work I go!


About Seamus

I'm a gamer nerd of sorts, who loves to work in design and recently finished my Adv Diploma in Screen and Media, Motion Graphics. I'm hoping that in the future, I can do freelance work with video editing, visual effects and 3d, and perhaps one day even take my studio name (Studio Wisp), and make it an actual studio. View all posts by Seamus

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