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Dont Ya Hate It?

Don’t you hate it when you sit down, tell yourself, “I am going to get this done, today!” Then suddenly your entire day’s gone, you stay up till 4, decide to take a short sleep, and wake up at 12 feeling like you’ve been hit with a sack of potatoes and then drugged?

Anyway, point is things have been busy. Which is why my little posts have not been as frequent as before, and that comic I said I was thinking of doing hasn’t even seen a start. But that’s alright. There’s still time left in the world (right?).

So what have I been doing to have no provided updates on project progression, or even new video’s? Well I’ve been doing just that. Working on those projects till coffee doesn’t have the same effect anymore. So to run things down, here’s a short list of what I’ve been doing, and how far off it is from being done.

I’m still looking to getting permission to upload parts of the graphics packages I did a month or so ago. Just need the details first. If I can upload it, I shall.

Tales Of Thyilos is… kinda at a stand still due to being busy with TAFE. However, a friend of ours might be joining in, which means another talented artist in the group. Also, our character artist informed me yesterday that he will have some sketches soon. (and I am stoked to see what he made from my vision).

There’s another game also, which recently has had a lot of attention. You may remember a post a week ago about “LucidFlame“. Though I am within right to make any statement, there has been lots of “behind the scenes” work, and it’s not related to ToT or KoT.

I’ve managed to crunch down on a flash promo’ ad. Though I can’t upload flash on here (with a pricey upgrade), I intend on uploading a render. That said, if the flash runs well, I’ll upload it on Newgrounds, or something.

Lastly, and this is one of the things that’s made me most pleased tonight; I got up. Grabbed my brush. Finished that painting I started little over a month ago. I’ve been staring at it and hoping my pirate hat will somehow influence inspiration, but I don’t know what I could actually add to it. So I think I’ll leave it and be happy with what I’ve done.
And then move immediately onto a new painting, which I might start tonight.
I will upload a photo of the painting I’ve finished tomorrow on my DeviantArt.

That’s all for me tonight, folks. More updates and stuff on a later day.

PS: … does word press seem to be loading a little sllloooowwwly lately? Or is it just me?

So 9 days later

Simply put, it’s been 9 days since I got around to making an update here, so I thought I better throw in something, once more, to prove I do not intend on forgetting about the site!

I’m uploading a video tonight. It’s really just a simple little project, but I figured it was upload worthy and it’s about time I added to my online portfolio. Also, it doesn’t seem I’ll get any audio from the TV Students, so I’ll hopefully get some time to upload a preview of the Graphics packages I did a around a month ago.

As for that rather stupid to be comic, I am still planning on doing it, but have yet to get around to it. TAFE has been unfortunately busy, which means less time to do other stuff. But I wont let that stop me from trying.

As a final note: There is now just over a month till the scheduled BETA demo. We’ve decided to do a closed BETA, however, so if you want to try it out and help provide valuable feedback, you know where to e-mail me. If you don’t my contact stuff is on the About page.

So long for now, readers, and have a great weekend.


Tutorial #2

Despite going to upload it over tonight, It’ll be delayed due to some file issues, so now it needs to be re-rendered and converted; which takes a while.
So if you’re reading this from anywhere where the time format isn’t AEST, then you might have to wait till tomorrow. If you’re on AEST time, then you’ll most likely have been seeing this tomorrow anyway. But being it’s Thursday night, and tomorrow Friday, most people have work anyway, so even if you were going to watch this, it’ll have been probably on the weekend or Friday night.



In short, I’ll be uploading the first of the 3d Lightwave tutorials tonight, starting with making a table and how to use some handy tools to make it realistic in form. There’s been a lot of distractions and some internet issues, so it was supposed to be up and ready Friday, and the next one was supposed to be ready and up some time this week, which hopefully if things go well it will be. Possibly up on Thursday night?
So if you want to learn some 3d, pop along to the Studio Wisp youtube page to follow them as they come up.

On a side note: There are a lot of people who think Lightwave isn’t that great and prefer Maya or 3ds MAX, and I’m not going to dispute. But when it comes to understanding the mechanics of 3d modelling and what different techniques do, it doesn’t matter what program you learn on; if you’re into it, you can learn on one, and when you move over to something else, it’s just a matter of understanding where the controls for that program are.

Finally (and I may have noted this before), the BETA Demo for Tales of Thyilos: Hero’s of the Four Kingdoms, has been scheduled for release in the next 4 weeks. So far we have a team of three; myself as lead director, mapper, writer (and still at the time scripter), Maja as the tileset/pixel art and panorama designer, and Winson as our Character artist.
I’ll make a note in here a day before the demo is released so you can join in on giving it a test. I ask that since it is a BETA that if you do try it, that you PLEASE comment on any glitches, errors, or even some ideas. I may even hold a contest where the best idea will get themselves made in sprite form, then added as a random NPC in the game.

More updates soon, and don’t forget to tune in to the Studio Wisp channel for the Tut’s ^_^


Tonight’s update (or today, if you’re on the other side of the world)

There’s actually less for me to put here than I’d have hoped. IN fact, I’m posting due to a conscious effort!

Actually, there is one thing, though it’s not exactly important, the novel I’ve been posting up, Samurai 2020, apparently has no finale. Either I did finish writing it and somehow miss placed the chapter, or I got to the end and decided that I’d take a break to get other things done, and just forgot.
I’m thinking that was the case, more or less. What it means though is some time before I upload the final section before the closing chapter, I need to read my own work to get into it, and then find inspiration to help me finish writing it. So there’s something to do during my absurdly long mid-year break.

Which leads me to note that though there was a mass production stall in the tutorials I’ve been mentioning in the odd post, there the first one should be uploaded some time next week, and then each one to follow within a 5-7 day gap. The gap’s more to do with barely managing to get one of the files from 24.7Gig to 3gig, without compromising on quality. There is a 408mb version, but it’d defeat the purpose of doing the tutorials in a 1280×720 video size.
So look forward to finally getting those released! All goes well, more will come.

Sooo aside from finding other work to keep occupied, and looking for additional team-members to help with that RPG project, there is absolutely nothing else worth posting.


all pretty dull…

So you can stop reading now.



The project me and a classmate are working on is going along to plan, and the teacher we’re directing the work with doesn’t mind us doing whatever we want with them after. So in 4 weeks (and that’s 4 weeks because that happens to be our deadline), I’ll be linking in some Tutorials here for Lightwave. So if you’re thinking of using Lightwave, then you can tune in, and hopefully learn a new trick or two.



My work for World 9-4 is done and uploaded. There’s still a little extra work to do for them, but as that sequence wont be over 400mb, I can send it to my client,rather than this little workaround.

But with this out of the way, I can get back to working on other projects, like the extended version of the Class of 2011, and the video tutorials me and a friend are collaborating on.

So more work to come soon! And hope you all have a great long weekend 😀


New work for Podcast

I’ve talked it over with a couple of friends who do a Podcast called World 9-4, and they’ve agreed to have me create an animated introduction for them. It wont be paid work, it’s entirely for fun and to get more practice and folio work up.

I’ll be doing this animation using 3d and classic sprites from the old Mario Snes games, so it’ll have a nice retro look to it, and the deadline I’ve set myself is by May, so this’ll be a sidelong task I’ll conform to along with my Entry for Corridor Digital.


Late novels, and more updates

Again, I must apologise for late novels. This time I’d forgotten to even set up the next page to be published at the due time. But this is due to a fast paced last 2 weeks before the break, and during this last week I’ve pumped through a lot of work, and managed to learn some new 3d animation tricks which once rendered and finished will be uploaded along with all other finished work some time around the end of next week.

I’m also going to attempt to complete a competition by Corridor Digital. Though I’m more giving it a go to challenge myself to get creative the the materials given to be used, and it’ll also be interesting to see if I can go along with my plans before the due entry date of April 21st.

More updates to come later next week.


Studio Wisp. Now with a Facebook group.

To help expand, I’ve set up a group page on Facebook. In theory, this might help get this group a little more well known, which is good for me, and anyone I’m working with.

So if you’re feeling a little generous and have a Facebook, then a big thanks for any friends you link to the page.
And for you kindness, know that we send you thanks and imaginary hugs and smiles.

On another note, I’ve been working hard to get more of my projects done, and with the end of Term 1 drawing near, there’ll be a date where I upload a bunch of new video’s on my Youtube page. So stay tuned readers, for there is a lot more to come. 😀