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That’s it,t he fourth ones up, which fills the quota our client/teacher wanted to make use of.

Of course, I’m still going to look into the other possible tutorials on making bones, as well as an overview of the different advanced controls in Layout. The layout one is more a must, since during a few tutorials I mention “Save this, and we’ll make use of it in a later tutorial”, which we shall by using them in a scene and making use of what tools we have available to set something nice up.
(and making a render which for me will possibly take 14 hours, and that’s a still… could be worse though. If I tried, I could make a render that takes a few days! OH WHAT FUN! I’m going to need a render farm one day).

Anyway, that’s all for now. The break is over, and thus I return back to my studies. Which hopefully means more work being put up. So till next time! Goodnight.


Today… is Tuesday

And there’s not much to write. But I figured I should be keeping to posting updates, even if there’s very little to say, just so the readers know that I haven’t forgotten about the site and those who do read what’s on it.

Thankfully, there is a little to post on.
Firstly, the next Tutorial is scheduled to be ready over Thursday night, like the rest. But there’s some matters I’m needed to attend to tomorrow and the next, so if things don’t go to plan and I can’t get to my desk to upload the tutorial. It’ll be up sometime Friday night.

I also return to TAFE again next week, which means the various assignments I’ve been fussing over during the break are coming to a close. Which means there will be some new stuff on my personal YouTube to see. I may also upload the introduction animations for the TV Studio groups I did graphics for. (wont be any sound unfortunately, but if I can, I’ll see if I can get the theme music off them).

On a side note, I’ve been trying to do some paintings lately. So there will be something new up on my deviant art.

That’s about it. I’ll post a quick note here, Facebook, and Twitter when the next tutorial is up, and might also make a decision on whether to make an in depth look into Layout, or to teach myself how to animate with bones so I can make a tutorial on it.

Till next time!


3rd Tutorial is up

It took nearly 16 hours of stuffing around, but finally the 3rd tutorial is up.
This one will show you how to do UV Mapping, which is a very useful technique!


Hope you can get something helpful out of it.

The next tutorial will be uploaded around a week from now, and will be showing you how to make use of Hypervoxels in Layout.


well this is annoying

Seems the optimism towards having a BETA Demo that people could play of Tales of Thyilos is going to need to be delayed. For how long? Not sure. But myself and my two co-workers are bunkered down with our Uni assignments and the like.
With luck, we can still find time to work around our own agenda’s and get something out and available within the next couple of months. I know, 2 months up from what would have been 2 weeks from now is steep; but hey, it’s better than big companies like Valve, and none of us are earning money from this.

But for good news, the tutorials will continue to be released on time. The next one I’m hoping will be ready by Thursday, which means it’ll be available either Thursday night, or Friday morning depending where you are. Shouldn’t be up later than Friday night.
Then there’s one more tutorial we have scheduled up before the break ends, which will appear around a week after.
This weeks will be UV mapping.
Next week is Hypervoxels.

We have plans on an advanced UV map tutorial, which will mostly just be a complex shape taken apart and mapped. Hopefully will throw in some tricks and extra explanation, but it might be more just a visual tutorial since the first tutorial will already be up.
There is also plans for a tutorial explaining some controls in Layout which is where the props made thus far will be placed.
And I’m hoping to learn more about bones so I can make a tutorial on it. Might even slap some markers on my arm and see what I can do about tracking that in for use as Bone control in Layout.

PS: For those reading Samurai 2020, don’t forget that I once mentioned that I release each Part separate, then to remove clutter, I later merge all Parts into their according chapter, and eventually when I start posting a new novel, it’ll be merged into a complete one page layout like with Experiment.
Just to remove any more confusion.


Tutorial #2

Despite going to upload it over tonight, It’ll be delayed due to some file issues, so now it needs to be re-rendered and converted; which takes a while.
So if you’re reading this from anywhere where the time format isn’t AEST, then you might have to wait till tomorrow. If you’re on AEST time, then you’ll most likely have been seeing this tomorrow anyway. But being it’s Thursday night, and tomorrow Friday, most people have work anyway, so even if you were going to watch this, it’ll have been probably on the weekend or Friday night.