Tonight’s update (or today, if you’re on the other side of the world)

There’s actually less for me to put here than I’d have hoped. IN fact, I’m posting due to a conscious effort!

Actually, there is one thing, though it’s not exactly important, the novel I’ve been posting up, Samurai 2020, apparently has no finale. Either I did finish writing it and somehow miss placed the chapter, or I got to the end and decided that I’d take a break to get other things done, and just forgot.
I’m thinking that was the case, more or less. What it means though is some time before I upload the final section before the closing chapter, I need to read my own work to get into it, and then find inspiration to help me finish writing it. So there’s something to do during my absurdly long mid-year break.

Which leads me to note that though there was a mass production stall in the tutorials I’ve been mentioning in the odd post, there the first one should be uploaded some time next week, and then each one to follow within a 5-7 day gap. The gap’s more to do with barely managing to get one of the files from 24.7Gig to 3gig, without compromising on quality. There is a 408mb version, but it’d defeat the purpose of doing the tutorials in a 1280×720 video size.
So look forward to finally getting those released! All goes well, more will come.

Sooo aside from finding other work to keep occupied, and looking for additional team-members to help with that RPG project, there is absolutely nothing else worth posting.


all pretty dull…

So you can stop reading now.


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