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Something different

For a quite a while now I’ve been slowly working on an Adventure Map in Minecraft (a sandbox based game you may or may not have heard of). Its taken a while, but I believe it’s ready for at least a public release. So if you have the game and are interested, here’s a link to the topic page I slipped it on. I might put this up over in the Games section of here, or perhaps Lucid Flame Dev in time.

If any of you Minecrafters do give it a try, please leave any feedback. 🙂 It’s the first Adv’ Map I’ve done so far, but it isn’t going to be the last. I’m also helping a friend design buildings and environments for his own Adventure Map. And there’s the intention of a new ma to follow the current one.

direct download link if you don’t feel like reading the forum post. The map requires Vr1.0.0 of Minecraft-

Have a safe and happy new years, everyone 😀