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Work, work, work!

So the last week so far, I’d taken upon something a little more different than normal. Some readers may remember I’ve been looking for work for quite some time now, both in the industry I’d trained in during my Diploma’s at TAFE. but also in other fields as a source of stable income. I may still be living at home, but I do need to pay board, and pitch in on things when possible.

So this week I was able to get a chance to try out working as an apprentice Pastry Chef. It felt natural to take on something involving food, since the only real work I’d done prior was also in a hospitality environment. I’ve gotta say, after my trial run, it’s tough work (which was what I’d expected), and I did enjoy the things I’d learned during my time there. But, the apprenticeship needs someone who has the drive and dedication to see into their future and say, “I want to do this as a career!” So though I did enjoy my time, I could not see myself still with a desire for the industry 3 years onward. So I’ve left that job, and hopefully the next person they take on for a trial run will take up the offer.

On an upside, it’s good to do some work. I’m not talking about the odd commissions or projects I’ve taken on personally, but getting out into something more physical. Even though it was a short time, I’m feeling rather invigorated, and my motivation to seek work has gone right up. I’m even a little less nervous towards other hospitality fields. (my first job working as a hand in a kitchen rather ruined it all for me).

So that’s that for this week now gone by. I’d have hoped that when I did post an update on here, that I’d have had something a bit more related to design, but I’m thinking from the perspective now that any post is a good post, and if I can get into a routine once more, then I’ll be making at least one post per week.
While I am thinking on it though, I’m intending to go back to some old VFX projects that I’d attempted to create during my old laptops “dead-graphics-card” phase. One in particular I did for Red Stone Magic, I’d wished to create a complex 3d animation of pistons and circuits, but was left constructing it all in After Effects with OpenGL rendering turned off so it wouldn’t crash as soon as I tried to manipulate something in 3d space.
It’d be a good opportunity to get back to using Lightwave once more now I’ve obtained LW 10.1; not much on an upgrade from 9.6, but I’ve been told there’s a couple nice changes which I’ll hopefully pick up on. If not, there’s always Google.

So that’s all for today,and hopefully I will adhere to routine and post once again in the coming week!
Have a good weekend. 😀