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An update! Plus, new VFX project underway

Hello out there!

So there’s going to be some changes coming about. Most notable, will be Silent Wisp changing to Studio Wisp (I understand in a recent post, Imentioned doing this last weekend, but, my teacher wished me to use research, logo designs, etc, as a folio, so the idea of “Studio Wisp” was discussed in that brief). Will update it to the new Studio Wisp shortly.

Also, my Flash and Web Design teacher is getting to the point of helping us make our pages unique. One of things he mentioned was making a little introduction interface as a main page. Among this should be some custom web design, which I assume means creating templates as well. If I feel able, I might just create a more custom feel to this website by making my own template, probably during the Mid-Year break.

On a lesser note, I’ve set a timer so that current novels will be posted up each week on Friday night at a designated time of 6pm (AEST). Why Friday at 6? No real reason. But it gives people something to read each weekend now.

But all these little updates aside, the more important update is current projects. The VFX project has a go ahead, which means getting a chance to test out our classes new Sony EX1, and do some green-screen and motion tracking work, while putting some new VFX tricks I’ve been learning from Video Copilot to the test.
If all goes well, this project should be up an available later next week.



OMG, Novels!

So, I decided that to improve the content of this site, I’d need to diversify. So check in the contents section to see my novels. I’ll be putting up just the one for now, and then deciding what to put up next. I likely wont put up those I intend on getting publishing contracts for, but I do hope that by putting novels up here and getting a following of people who like my work will enhance my credibility.

So please, take the time to sit back and read a book, leave a comment (constructive criticism very welcome), and do check back later to see what updates I have.

(With my newer works, I’ll put them up one chapter at a time, hopefully, once a fortnight. Please note, these will be very raw drafts, as opposed to work I did ages back and have either edited already, or don’t intend on playing around with any more).