OMG, Novels!

So, I decided that to improve the content of this site, I’d need to diversify. So check in the contents section to see my novels. I’ll be putting up just the one for now, and then deciding what to put up next. I likely wont put up those I intend on getting publishing contracts for, but I do hope that by putting novels up here and getting a following of people who like my work will enhance my credibility.

So please, take the time to sit back and read a book, leave a comment (constructive criticism very welcome), and do check back later to see what updates I have.

(With my newer works, I’ll put them up one chapter at a time, hopefully, once a fortnight. Please note, these will be very raw drafts, as opposed to work I did ages back and have either edited already, or don’t intend on playing around with any more).


About Seamus

I'm a gamer nerd of sorts, who loves to work in design and recently finished my Adv Diploma in Screen and Media, Motion Graphics. I'm hoping that in the future, I can do freelance work with video editing, visual effects and 3d, and perhaps one day even take my studio name (Studio Wisp), and make it an actual studio. View all posts by Seamus

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