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World 9-4 Ep7

New ep of World 9-4 up. ^_^

Also, the collaboration of a group of us dressing up as penguins and wandering about Melbourne interacting with people is becoming more of a task than expected.
If anyone knows a costume shop in the Melbourne area that rents them out, it’d be much appreciated. Our alternative is coming up with a reason to convince the Melbourne Aquarium to lend us some, so long as we don’t ruin them and we mention the Aquarium every now and then. Otherwise, we would have to pitch in to buy costumes we find on Ebay or something, which isn’t too appropriate, though I guess we can either keep the costumes after, or donate them to a school… or… something.
So yes, if you know of anything, please drop me a message 😉

I’m also do more work for World 9-4, this time, designing a logo. Nothing too special, but if m current TAFE workload has anything to say about it, I wont have it done for a week or two. :\
Well, I always did love a challenge.

More updates and random posts soon.