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I thought I’d make a note on this

For those of you who were following it each week, you may have also noted me saying that I can’t find the last chapter for Samurai 2020. I’ve rummaged everywhere, including through our oldest computers HD, and can’t locate it. Which means some time during the process of finishing it, then getting my laptop and moving over here, the copy of the novel that was on my External HDD, was not the updated version, and the completed version was left on the main computer. But that copy isn’t up to date either?

But since that comp’ has had many issues in the past, the old files have been lost, and re-backed up by my HDD and the files on it. That might be why the folder in there is no longer the complete.

But after finishing my novels, I tend to send them to some friends who offer to read my novels even though they are in their shoddy first draft stage, and right now I’m hoping that one of them still has the copy of the original, so for the sake of not having to go by my memory of the basics of what occurred in that last chapter, re-reading the book so far several times to get a full grasp of what I really wanted to happen, and then trying my best to mimic and pull things together again, I really, really hope she still has the original complete copy.

Samurai 2020 just wont be the same re-written without it.

Word of caution for people: Having 4 backups isn’t enough. Save and update them all when writing books and working on long projects. Seriously, I know a lot of people who don’t, and hitting Ctrl+S (cmd+s) every minute may seem annoying, especially when the file takes longer than a few seconds to save, but it pays off in the end every time.
Never, under any circumstance, rely on your digital hard copies. Rely on your own organisation and common sense.