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Digital Weapon Art

I’ve been working on a small series of weapon art for a little group role-play we had going. At first it started off as me wanting to design the weapon I’d in mind for a character I’d designed, then a friend asked me to make theirs, then another.

So the last two days I’ve been doing some weapon art. It’s a bit dodgy and more just experimenting and exploring more features of Photoshop while I get more in touch with my Tablet (which I regret having neglect it a fair bit this year).

I’m thinking I may do some more, for fun and practice.

Here’s the links to them over on DA.

Demon Lord’s War Scythe

Stave of Fiore


I might just throw it out there, that even though I’m staging myself for paid work from now on, I may accept commissions and do them for free-minimal price, depending on the image, just because I enjoy the practice and doing this kind of work takes my mind of stress. Which is always good. ^_^


Finished Painting

yeah, the photo qualities shocking. I wish I had a better camera, or has the chance to take this to TAFE to make use of the camera’s there, but there’s not really much time, and I’d not risk my work getting damaged during the transit part of the travel.

But, despite lack of photo-quality, I promised I’d upload the painting I’d finally finished. There’s still something that I feel should be done. Maybe one day I’ll decide? Perhaps I just feel that way because it’s my own work and I’m my worst critic? In any case, it’s done for now, and I can focus on other work, and make a beginning on my next painting.

New Painting