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Say wha?

Don’t worry, I’m about to explain.

Me and some friends got the crazy idea that we should make our own development team for when working on RPG Maker projects, but we figured we’d need a name, and also, may as well make a site of some sort so we can post about projects we’re al working on, and specific projects we as a team are working on. And we eventually blended a bunch of random words together and made Lucidflame. (and yes, we also found a meaning behind the words that makes sense so it’s not all entirely that random of a title after all).

Awesome or not? You may wonder.
Well on the upside, the games we post about in there are games we are working on that will be published to the net. And some are FREE.
Don’t like RPG’s? That’s okay, we understand. But if you have a friend who likes’em, please recommend the site. The more followers we can get on there, the more motivated we all become to work on our projects. Which means better quality games to be eventually played.

Games me and Studio Collaborative members are working on will continue to also be posted and updated on here as well as on Lucidflame.

Seeya later ^_^