Update on first day of Winter (or summer depending where you are)

Before I do make my update, sorry for forgetting to post up the next section in Samurai 220, and I do apologise that the gap between last post and this are way apart. Or at least that’s how it feel to me. If they aren’t that far apart as it feels, then that mean all I need to do is get online tonight, hope my laptop works, and post up the next chapter.

But onto buisness!! The tutorials I mentioned a while back are now 2 1/2 weeks from release. Two even have studio quality voice dub on them too. The other 3 (hopefully 3 more will be ready) may be lucky if I can organise more time to go down and get more recordings from them. if not, then there’ll be average quality. But the way I see it, so long as the information is there then all is well.

Also to note is upcoming client ork due. Our class is collaborating with the TV group down at Elgar Campus (which if you aren’t aware, I study at Whitehorse campus in Box Hill, Vic, Elgar is a 10-15 min walk down from it). Our job is to make graphics packages for them, and I’ve been lucky enough to score two clients. I’m happy about it. BUT, I do have a limit time, so I might just accidentally miss more posts and updates back on here, so please don’t be annoyed at that, as I do try my hardest.

On a final note before I get back to my work, I will put some time this weekend to make the “Page of Wisdom” more… err… wisdomy, and for those interested, the latest World9-4 is up as of saturday, which makes me slow on the ball to make a note on that, so me posting a link is probably a little pointless for those who do follow it. But here it is anyway. LINK!!

Hopefully more soon and post up of work.


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I'm a gamer nerd of sorts, who loves to work in design and recently finished my Adv Diploma in Screen and Media, Motion Graphics. I'm hoping that in the future, I can do freelance work with video editing, visual effects and 3d, and perhaps one day even take my studio name (Studio Wisp), and make it an actual studio. View all posts by Seamus

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